Beverly Moore

All works shown in this gallery are original oil paintings. Art cards and prints are also available.
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I created the "Lilies 2001" series of paintings, because the Calla Lilly has always symbolized to me,  the ultimate flower of elegance and beauty.  Calla Lilies are not abundant in Minnesota,  where I grew up.  They were an extravagance,  usually seen only in beautiful bouquets.

Seeing Calla Lilies in such abundance as we have in California,  is still a thrill to me.  Painting a subject in a series,  brings with it a certain intimacy and fresh knowledge.  In Callas,  I found both a subtle and a strong beauty needed to be expressed on the canvas.  I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of painting the creaminess,  along with the faint color nuances within the whiteness.

This series was created both in the studio and in gardens.  As I watched my own first group of Callas bud,  I began what became a triptych,  three, 8 x 10's depicting bud to full bloom,  titled "Grand Opening".

oil painting: Grand Opening
oil painting: Grand Opening
oil painting: Grand Opening
Grand Opening
8 x  24" (triptych)

oil painting: Sunflowers with Mumms oil painting: Sunflower Provence oil painting: Afternoon Garden
Sunflower with Mumms
16 x  20"
Sunflower Provence
30 x  40"
Afternoon Garden
18 x  24"

oil painting: Morning Garden oil painting: Lilies with Fruit oil painting: Mood Indigo
Morning Garden
28 x  22"
Lilies with Fruit  I
20 x  16"
Mood Indigo
28 x  22"

Art Cards
A selection of Local Scenes can be obtained at the Aptos Chamber of Commerce

All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted by Beverly Moore.
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without written permission.
Due to the varied monitor settings we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the color.


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