Beverly Moore

Known for her plein air paintings and Impressionistic style,  California artist
Beverly Moore states:
"art and painting have been an integral part of my life.  I began formal training at age twelve,  when I was introduced to several mediums.  Oil had the most appeal:  thick, rich colors, texture and visible brush strokes made the solid connection for me of painter to paint to painting."

Beverly has an extensive background in advertising,  creative writing and graphic design.  Painting has been a life long passion.  A knowledgeable and sensitive use of color allows her to express on canvas her emotional interpretation of time and place.  She paints plein air land and seascapes,  indoor settings and still life in oil.

"A successful painting is one in which I have painted a subject because it evoked an emotional response and,  when completed,  I see and feel that initial emotion in the finished work.  If viewers see and feel something similar,  that is a wonderful bonus."


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