Eve Toni Seamone

All works shown in this gallery are original Jewelry items.
Commissions are welcomed.
Please    Eve for ordering or commissioning.
See more of Eve's work at: investinthearts.com

Necklace made with a large shard
of glass from broken pot.
Handmade stirling silver wire and
chain and glass beads. 15 long
Earrings made from copper and silver wire
and mother of pearl beads
Earrings made with African trade beads, metal fish charms, stirling silver and copper wires Stirling silver earrings with lavender,
grey, yellow and green pearls
Necklace and earrings made from beach stones, stirling silver, brass.
Chain is silver colored metal. 14 long
Pendant made of copper sheet, woven copper, stirling strips and computer parts.
 Leather thong 17 adjustable
Beach glass and copper wire neckless Beach glass neckless and earrings,
copper wire on leather thong.
Leather thong 17 adjustable
Turquoise bead on leather thong (adjustable ).
Copper and stirling silver wire
Earrings and pendant with hand painted beach glass, copper wire.
Leather thong 17 adjustable
Hand woven bracelet made with copper wire,
real coral beads and glass beads

All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted by Eve Toni Seamone.
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without written permission.
Due to the varied monitor settings we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the color.


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