Nora Sarkissian
Figurative Ceramic Sculptures

I enjoy pushing the boundaries of the clay medium; I use the techniques of studio pottery to convey the philosophies of subconscious imagery and stream of consciousness prose to push ceramics out of its traditional utilitarian realm.

C.G. Jung referred to subconscious imagery as "prima material" ;  this idea is central to my work.  The sculptures I create are unfiltered poetic expressions;  they are whimsical and animated images of man and nature drawn from personal experience as well as mythology.  Each piece is a journey, as I work I allow each image to emerge spontaneously from the previous one, a metaphor for the soul's journey.

My materials consist of clay and a variety of stains and glazes.  I layer and fire the pieces according to a specific process of experimentation to achieve the effect I desire.  A piece is completed when I feel it captures the idea I wish it to convey.

Although a native of Massachusetts, over the past 25 years I have spent time in Germany, England, Boulder, Colorado, san Francisco, and now reside and work in Santa Cruz.  I was a potter's apprentice in Germany, my Undergraduate studies were completed at Southeastern Massachusetts University and the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado.  I received my M.F.A. from San Jose State University, California.

For the past eight years I have studied with and assisted Coeleen Kiebert at U.C.S.C. and at her home studio.  Coeleen's emphasis is on the creative process and the concept of the creative personality which she has studied extensively with Frank Barron.
I have been teaching creative sculpture to children and adults for the past twelve years in Santa Cruz, California.  I am currently exhibiting works in Northern California.

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