Bonnie and Steven Barisof

The pottery displayed here is the best and most unique from our kilns.  Some pieces may be commissioned in different sizes and/or colors, others are "one of a kind" and "gifts of the kiln".

Each piece is hand made on a potter's wheel or made from rolled out slabs of clay.  None are poured into a mold and cast.  All work is either stoneware or porcelain clay.  Contact Bonnie or Steven for ordering information.

Desert Pottery

The "Desert Ware Series" was inspired from our travels throughout the Southwestern United States. When the piece is being formed, the surface "cracking texture" is created by stretching the clay. This technique creates the illusion of the glaze on the inside coming through the wall of the pot. In reality, the glazes are poured into the inside and then brushed into the "cracks" until filled to the surface of the piece. The excess is then carefully sponged clean and the whole piece is sanded with sand paper to clean off any remaining staining before firing.

Black Bowl
Blue Bowl
Black Vase Teal Vase

Cobalt Glaze Pottery
This gallery contains pottery glazed with various non-toxic (food safe) glazes which all contain cobalt oxide as the main (or only) mineral supplying color. Since we formulate and make our own glazes, we know exactly what is in them to assure you of their safety. Cobalt is the most powerful coloring mineral used in ceramic glazes. Less than 1% can give a very strong blue. It has been used as a coloring material in ceramics for about 2000 years. The Chinese "Blue and White" ware is a famous example of the use of cobalt as a decorating material as is the Dutch and English "Delft" pottery.
New Blue & White Vase
Teal Vase
New Blue & White Bowl
Bonnie's Blue Bowl
Reversal Vase
Square Bowl
Serving Dish

All dinnerware is custom made to the individuals specs for color, size, and shape for the plates, bowls, mugs, and serving pieces.
  Dripless Group

Raku Ware
Clock Vase Shell

Misc Pottery
Face Vase
Iron Glazes
Copper Glazes Planters

All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted by Bonnie & Steven Barisof.
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without written permission.


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