Janet Edwards

All works shown in this gallery are original Acrylic paintings.
Please Janet for ordering information

Acrylic: Hummingbird In The Garden Acrylic: Field of Flowers
Hummingbird In The Garden **
14" x  11"   $75.00
Field Of Flowers
14" x  11"  $60.00
Acrylic: Bird of Paradise Acrylic: Blue Vase of Irises
Bird of Paradise
14" x  11"   $75.00
Blue Vase of  Irises
14" x  11"   $60.00
Acrylic: Hollyhocks Acrylic: Pink Irises
14" x  11"   $60.00
Pink Irises
14" x  11"   $60.00
Acrylic: The Sunflowers Acrylic: Red Vase With White Daisies
The Sunflowers
14" x  11"   $60.00
Red Vase With White Daisies
14" x  11"   $75.00
Acrylic: Tiger In Water Acrylic: The Wolf In The Snowy Woods
Tiger In Water
14" x  11"   $75.00
The Wolf  In The Snowy Woods
14" x 11"   $60.00
**  Image chosen for the Santa Cruz City's "Graphic Traffic Boxes" public art project 2002.

All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted by Janet Edwards.
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without written permission.


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