Judith Richardson
Voice: 831.475.6368

Faux Wall Texture
Judith has more than 20 years experience with painting, wall texture, interior decorating and color.

Wall texture with 2 or more colors can create a soft cloudy effect adding a more spacious look to a room.  Texture and color can pick up the important features of a room giving it an antique effect, a bold Italian villa or Tuscan look, or a subtle look, such as parchment.

Faux Wall Textures Examples  
2 Color
3 Color
Kitchen Cabinet Renewal
Cabinets can be painted, and with faux effects can be made to look lighter or stressed to look old or "country" style.  Any old cabinets can have a whole new appearance.
Judith will do a consultation first on color selection.  Then a sample will be made on paper or directly on a wall using quart color samples.

Consultation is complementary only if the job proposed is completed.  Paint materials are paid for by the customer.

Rates are $25.00 an hour.

Evenings:  831.475.6368
Days: (Sat thru Tues 11am to 5pm) 831.475.2258


All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted by Judith Richardson.
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without written permission.


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